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2020 Downloadable FORMS

Above are the Oregon Junior High Membership Form and the Sponsorship form.

Form Membership form and Minors Release go to 

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Follow the correct pages for your member from there.

We as a board tried every angle to have a season. The NHSRA canceled the 2019-2020 NJHFR two felt we had no choice but to save all of our money and cancel the pending season.  I am working on trying to get us something I just am not sure when yet.  I will let you all know if it pans out. 

So with that some of you will start your high school rodeo season in August please check the OREGON HIGH SCHOOL RODEO website for information.  You will KEEP the same National profile that you have.  So when you go to renew in July Or August it will be the same login and password you have been using.  OHSRA has online payment through quickbooks so be prepared for that. 

All you 6th and 7th graders our President Issac Sanchez has been working very hard to get us a few fall rodeos so that Oregon Junior High can keep growing.  Our goal is to split the season fall and spring. So I will open membership for the

2020-2021 season sometime around the 15th of July. Please spread the word to all incoming 6th graders.

Stay Safe